Mapmarker-village The tavern is the only thing that matters. Level 1

Default Village connects with Sunset Castle to the North (Gold 3), Den of Devil to the East (Gold 2), Ancient Jungle to the South (Gold 3), and Farm Village[1] to the West (Gold 0).

Default Village has an Inn, and Enchanter available. Default Village does not have a Blacksmith, and Tavern.

Quests Edit

Quest Level Requirements Rewards
Story quest Travel Sunset Castle 7
  • Travel to Sunset Castle.
  • Kill 7 Castle Guard in one or more battles.
  • Defeat the Cursed King and its Castle Guards.
  • Travel to Default Village.
Gold 72, 8880 XP[2]

Opponents Edit

Level Monster HP Atk Skills
1 Opponent Rat Rat 9 1–1 None
2 Opponent Bat Bat 16 2–2 None
3 Opponent Giant Rat Giant Rat 41 2–4 Elite badge@3x

Notes Edit

  1. Farm Village is only available in the Deluxe edition.
  2. Measured in the default room with Wood Table (+5% XP), Rug (+2% XP), Simple Bedroom Door (+1% XP), and Comic Store Guy (+4% XP) active.