Dungeons are a type of area one can visit, with unique monsters. For every room you visit in a dungeon, you roll your dice, and based on the number, a specific event occurs. Dungeons may be completed multiple times. Visiting rooms only takes a day if you end up battling. Leaving a dungeon will automatically send you back to the town connected to it.

Before you can fight the boss battle, you must find the key in one of the rooms. When a key is found, no die is rolled. The key appears in a different room each time you visit the dungeon. You do not need to visit every room before fighting the boss. Bosses guarantee an item drop. Bosses monsters are unique to the other monsters in the dungeon, and are often more powerful.

Die Roll ActionsEdit

  • 1-4 - Trap (causes damage to the party)
  • 5-15 - Battle
  • 16-18 - Healing
  • 19-20 - Treasure

List of DungeonsEdit

Special DungeonsEdit

  • Morderlägger Pit (not visible from mini-map, quest only).
  • Corn feild (in the Haunted Fall DLC, appears on map upon accepting a certian quest in normal village.)