Overview of questsEdit

In Knighs of Pen & Paper you can create the type of quest you wish to undertake.

There are 5 different types of quest that you can choose from.

Quest Type Description
Slay Slay monsters and gain 50% more experience
Battle Fight an arranged battle
Rescue Rescue something and get a chance to gain items. Enemies will attack during travel
Collect Collect items dropped from monsters and gain 50% more gold
Escort Escort something and get chance to gain equipments. Enemies will attack during travel (instead of fortune dice being thrown).
  • Each location contains a different combination of the different types of quest available.
  • Story quests are indicated by a star in the start button. 
  • Once you have completed a quest, you will not be able to redo it. However, there can be multiple instances of the same type of quest available in a location (eg. Slaying different types of monster, Collecting different items).
  • Each completed quest will contribute a certain percentage to the overall completeness of a location. Once the location has reached 100% completion, you will not be able to create new quests at that particular spot.
  • The percentage of completeness of any location can be viewed from the travel map. It is displayed beside the name of the location.